Ennara Circle


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  • Yellow 14k Gold Plate
  • Silver Plate
  • Black Rhodium Plate
  • Rose 14k Gold Plate $165.00
  • Solid Sterling Silver $621.00

lovely full circle necklace. oversized understated cool. hand carved by Suzy.
-The Ennara collection is something that arrived due to being pushed to proliferate! After growing Rossmore through the TV show, Billion Dollar Buyer, Suzy and Rossmore had to make hundreds of hearts. over 300 to arrive at he inspiration of Ennara. all hand made. all unique. from that process she discovered and created the Ennara collection. And now uses the technique across many pieces. This item is sumptuous and simple, whilst being luxurious and unique. A winning combo might we say. At Rossmore, we can't be all things to all people, but we try to create enigmatic jewelry so you, the bearer can shape-shift as necessary!

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